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TAP health equality campaign of 9 Blogs about low income, debt, hunger, mental and physical health

News | 15 March 2018

UK HOUSING MARKET A DISASTER Introduce land value tax & abolish council tax business rates & stamp duty

News | 22 June 2017

Undeniable damage done to mental and physical health by low income debt & hunger CULPABLY IGNORED by local & national government. Councils taxing means tested benefits shredded by national government

News | 18 December 2017

Just Fair - devastating cumulative impact on disabled people of coalition's welfare "reforms" in human rights context

News | 8 July 2014

TAP blog in Huffington Post. Harmful impact of low incomes and debt on mental and physical health is beyond doubt.

News | 31 May 2017

The wealthy squat on unused land & empty homes squeezing low income tenants out of London or into homelessness

News | 17 July 2017

Studies beginning to highlight a burden of human suffering follows austerity Carl Walker TAP health equality Blog 8

News | 31 March 2017

HEALTH EQUALITY SEMINAR - SLIDES Undeniable evidence inequality low income & debt damage mental & physical health

News | 27 July 2017

UK Council joining international property developer like joining Gadarene swine before they drag economy over cliff

News | 30 June 2017

Upturn in suicides due to recession not reversed now unemployment levels have fallen. Carl Walker

News | 10 March 2017

TAP/APPG on poverty - Seminar on health equality in wake of two unprecedented rises in death rates

News | 19 July 2017

Cutting ESA by £30 a week an immoral,  irrational and a massive unfairness £73.10 impossible to live on.

News | 4 April 2017

A TALE OF TWO CITIZENS Universal Credit puts chaos into lives hit by debts, sanctions & council house demolition

News | 22 May 2017

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE in solidarity with everyone suffering mental or physical ill-health due inadequate incomes & debt

News | 4 July 2017

TAP Equality of health campaign BLOG 2.People’s money management good;State creates problem debts for the vulnerable

News | 17 February 2017

​There is a profound public interest in the council and the magistrates ceasing to impose mental and physical ill health on the poorest tenants by enforcing an unpayable tax

News | 4 July 2017

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE - MEDIA RELEASE - Rev Paul Nicolson summoned to court for non-payement of coucil tax

News | 9 July 2017

TAP’s aim for the new Parliament; to prevent undeniable damage done to health by low incomes & debt in UK

News | 7 June 2017

Grenfell: the moral lesson Health of all tenants demands living unemployment benefit & safe truly affordable housing

News | 1 July 2017

New London Plan The Mayor of London cannot ban national and international land speculators, require Treasury to publish deadweight losses or improve health & wellbeing of low income Londoners

News | 27 February 2018