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NINE BLOGS examine the stark reality of health inequality in modern Britain. The authors examine the socio-economic factors that govern life chances

News | 29 September 2018

TAP health equality campaign of 9 Blogs about low income, debt, hunger, mental and physical health

News | 1 January 1970

UK HOUSING MARKET A DISASTER Introduce land value tax & abolish council tax business rates & stamp duty

News | 22 June 2017

Undeniable damage done to mental and physical health by low income debt & hunger CULPABLY IGNORED by local & national government. Councils taxing means tested benefits shredded by national government

News | 18 December 2017

The heartless squeeze & tax on low incomes create hunger & unmanageable debts certain to cause mental & physical health problems. Failed & toxic benefit system costs taxpayers billions in NHS

News | 12 June 2018

Just Fair - devastating cumulative impact on disabled people of coalition's welfare "reforms" in human rights context

News | 8 July 2014

To the @IndependentGroup of MPs - neither support nor recognition - simply lobbying @MPs against the crises of #austerity, #housing &  #poverty oppressing low income families and individuals in the UK

News | 23 February 2019

TAP blog in Huffington Post. Harmful impact of low incomes and debt on mental and physical health is beyond doubt.

News | 31 May 2017

The wealthy squat on unused land & empty homes squeezing low income tenants out of London or into homelessness

News | 17 July 2017

Studies beginning to highlight a burden of human suffering follows austerity Carl Walker TAP health equality Blog 8

News | 31 March 2017

HEALTH EQUALITY SEMINAR - SLIDES Undeniable evidence inequality low income & debt damage mental & physical health

News | 27 July 2017

UK Council joining international property developer like joining Gadarene swine before they drag economy over cliff

News | 30 June 2017

Upturn in suicides due to recession not reversed now unemployment levels have fallen. Carl Walker

News | 10 March 2017

TAP/APPG on poverty - Seminar on health equality in wake of two unprecedented rises in death rates

News | 19 July 2017

Cutting ESA by £30 a week an immoral,  irrational and a massive unfairness £73.10 impossible to live on.

News | 4 April 2017

A TALE OF TWO CITIZENS Universal Credit puts chaos into lives hit by debts, sanctions & council house demolition

News | 22 May 2017

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE in solidarity with everyone suffering mental or physical ill-health due inadequate incomes & debt

News | 4 July 2017

TAP Equality of health campaign BLOG 2.People’s money management good;State creates problem debts for the vulnerable

News | 17 February 2017

​There is a profound public interest in the council and the magistrates ceasing to impose mental and physical ill health on the poorest tenants by enforcing an unpayable tax

News | 4 July 2017

RESOURCES INDEX - TAP is very grateful to academics and other professionals who made their knowledge about the dire UK housing & incomes policies available at our seminars            

News | 4 November 2019

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE - MEDIA RELEASE - Rev Paul Nicolson summoned to court for non-payement of coucil tax

News | 9 July 2017

TAP’s aim for the new Parliament; to prevent undeniable damage done to health by low incomes & debt in UK

News | 7 June 2017

Grenfell: the moral lesson Health of all tenants demands living unemployment benefit & safe truly affordable housing

News | 1 July 2017

New London Plan The Mayor of London cannot ban national and international land speculators, require Treasury to publish deadweight losses or improve health & wellbeing of low income Londoners

News | 27 February 2018

Minimum income standards - bottom rung of economic justice Statistics never enough to indicate reality of poverty for individuals & families whose incomes are unable to buy minimum for healthy living

News | 5 May 2018

TAP tells MP’s inquiry into land value tax; land cannot be sent overseas so taxing it in the UK might even recover a little of the trillions shipped out to tax havens by the City of London. 

News | 3 May 2018

The common land in London, is bartered away to powerful national and international property developers. Even the freeholds of small businesses are are up for grabs by the powerful.

News | 15 July 2019

Launch of the moral case campaign for adequate minimum incomes and truly affordable housing - The good health and well-being of every UK citizen in or out of work must become a national priority.

News | 1 June 2019