UNIVERSAL CALAMITY Deprived in Tottenham with a history of depression by a Zero hours contract & a Universal Credit

17 April 2017

Universal Calamity.

Deprived in Tottenham with a history of depression. 

Paid one penny to last next month's unemployment because he earned £1109 last month. 

The Universal Credit is a nightmare for zero hours contract workers.

£317 a month UC standard allowance is the equivalent of £73.10 a week IS/JSA/ESA. 

Government has promised not one will be worse of pm Universal Credit. Not difficult when they let the ground floor of  the UC, £73.10 a week or £317 a month, reduce below subsistance level. .

We know that £73 a week IS/JSA/ESA has reduced in value since 1979, the increase was frozen at 1% in 2011 and it has not been increased since April 2015.

It is paid to over 4 million people in the UK


Please note the link between illhealth and low income reported in nine blogs by authors from the Insitute of Health Equtiy, the Equality Trust and the University of Brighton and the massive social and economic cost to employers, the treasury, the NHS and impoverished citizens. 

The council charges him council tax at £3.40 a week or £14.75 a month.

He has rent and council tax arrears due to a three month benefit sanction and irregular work. He is threatened with eviction by the concil when he inevitably gets behind. 

This comment on TAP Facebook from Sara Ashby is very helpful. 

"That's the point about zero hours contracts one month you may earn a lot and not be entitled. Next month you may earn nothing but because of your previous earnings the month before you are not entitled. The point with the entire system is there is no room for logic or discretion. Numbers are put into a computer and 'the system' decides who gets to eat and who doesn't. The system cannot be challenged or questioned even when it is patently ludicrous."

Source DWP