Treatment of tenants by UK governments profoundly unfair UK ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD THAT MAKES TENANTS PAY LANDLORDS’ PROPERTY TAX.

23 August 2019

Al the grim circumstances of homelessness in England are to be found in the London Borough of Haringey. TAP is suppporting in every way possible the 180 homeless families in temporary accommodation led by TAGLoveLane and the owners of the 50 small businesses in the Peacock Estate and all if which are due for demolition.

They are all the victims of dreadful national housing policy which favours home and land owners but ignores tenants in many ways.There are nearly 3000 homeless families, with 5208 children, in temporary accommodation in Haringey There are no solutions on the national or local policy tables. We are working on it.

For example a landlord in Campbell Road, Tottenham bought to let a 2 bed terraced home for £95,000 in 1999. All the houses on the same side of the street were new at the time.

An identical property next door is now on the market for £425,000. The tenant gets none of that £330,000 increase in the landord's wealth but pays the landlord's ever increasing annual property tax.

In UK it is called council tax and it is based on a 1991 valuation of UK properties.

The UK is the only country in the world that makes the tenants pay the landlords' property tax. It is also a deeply regresive tax and ought to be abolished, replaced by land tax and charged to the landlords.

The graph is from IPPR Newsletter August 2019