To Haringey Council Planning Committee By kowtowing to power of wealthy developers in UK housing market you allow them to build homes whose rents are not affordable thus damaging health and wellbeing

2 July 2019

To the Haringey Council Planning Committee

National Planning PolicyFramework revised - References to health and well-being of residents.

"Page 5. a social objective – to support strong, vibrant and healthy communities, by ensuring that a sufficient number and range of homes can be provided to meet the needs of present and future generations; and by fostering a well-designed and safe built environment, with accessible services and open spaces that reflect current and future needs and support communities’ health, social and cultural well-being;"

I write to remind you about the seven references to health and well-being in the National Planning Policy Framework because the decisions of your committee are damaging the health and well-being of Haringey communities. The seven references are here, .

The facts are as follows;  there are 83,700 homeless families, with 124,490 children in temporary accommodation in England (up 74% since 2010), of which 56,880 are in London, of which are 3000 are in Haringey with 5208 children. Your planning decisions take no account of the housing emergency in London and Haringey and make no attempt to ensure that there are enough truly affordable homes for low income homeless families. In Tottenham they are spending up to and over 10 years in "temporary" accommodation. Single mothers spend up to and over two years, in one room with their children, in "emergency" accommodation. Over these years they can be moved at the beck and call of landlords and council officials so disrupting the education, health and well-being of young children. The famlies wonder if they or their children will ever have a permanent affordable home. 

How do you justify your planning decisions about Haringey's inadequate target of 1000 council homes against 3000 homeless families, the escalating number of them and the National Planning Policy Framwork emphasis on health and well being of communities? 

By kowtowing to the power of wealthy developers in the dysfunctional London housing market you allow them to build homes whose rents are not affordable to very many low income Tottenham families thus damaging their health and well-being. For example they are required by Haringey Housing to move from £90 a week council rent to £300 a week private rent for two bed-roomed accommodation. Their rent increases very much faster than their income; that reduces their already low income needed for food, fuel and clothes for growing children and transport. Thus your decisions contribute to the growing use of foodbanks.  The impact of low incomes on health and well-being is described by Dr Angela Donkin here and the impact of austerity here. 

Your planning decisions do not support strong, vibrant and healthy communities. Beginning with the Haringey Development Vehicle they have set about destroying them. We now have the strong healthy vibrant communities of Wards Corner Latin Village, The Peacock Industrial Estate and 180 homeless families in Temporary Accommodation on the Love Lane estate, many of whom are employed. I cannot find any record of your committee being concerned about their health and well-being. 

I am only too well aware that Northumberland Park is the most deprived ward in the borough and among 5% of the most deprived wards in the UK. They have a higher rate of low birth weight than average and die seven years younger that they do in Highgate. That community, like so many others, needs support, adequate incomes and affordable housing. It is not healed by breaking it up with demolition and dispersal to who knows where.

With best wishes, 

Paul Nicolson



From the Reverend Paul Nicolson

The good health and wellbeing of all UK citizens in or out of work must now become a national priority.

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