There is something cruelly & radically wrong with UK national & #localgovernments exploitation of land #Land is a gift of nature to provide #shelter #food #fuel #clothes for ALL families & individuals

24 February 2020

Last week on Thursday  20th February The General Synod, the governing body of the Church of England, ended its meeting with two excellent debates about the shredding of legal aid and the need for Parishes to support the poorest people in the UK. 

However there is a dire housing crisis in the UK. The way the Church of England manages its land has more to do with the problem than with a solution. I therefore took on the role of a homeless person on the doorstep of Church House to make the point where they were meeting. I am grateful to the Church Times for putting the TAP demo on their front page. We were also supported by the Daily Mirror.  

I did not feel cold until after I had finished the vigil. Then my body felt chilled until it warmed up in early hours of next morning.  Charities, shelters & cold weather polices of local authorities simply do not meet the need for or the right to a decent home in all weathers.

There is something cruelly and radically wrong with national and local governments' exploitation of land. Land is the gift of nature to provide shelter, food, fuel, clothes for ALL families and individuals. The Christian faith would say the gift of a generous and loving God. 

A point made in the letter published by The Observer on 23rd February 2020 which follows the photo.

We are proposing the new Elimination of Homlessness Bill to provide a solution.