TAP Continues to Carry Rev Paul’s Torch Forward

4 March 2021

It is year since we learnt the sad news of Rev Paul Nicolson’s untimely death.

We lost a dear friend. We lost a great champion of the social justice, fairness, and equality. We lost the founder of Taxpayers Against Poverty (TAP).

We were and remain determined to carry his torch forward and to pursue the causes that he campaigned so hard for.

TAP is only able to continue its campaigning and to make a difference because of the generous donations we receive from friends and supporters. Please consider making a donation either on a regular basis or as one off.

As Honorary Director, Tom has been the driver for much of what has been achieved over the last year. We owe many thanks to Tom for his energy and commitment.

Tom has decided to focus on his wider portfolio of activities and has stepped aside from being Honorary Director. He remains very much involved with TAP as the Chair of the Board.

John Tizard who was already a member of the TAP board is the new Honorary Director.

John brings a great deal of experience having been a council leader, a senior executive in the charity and corporate sectors, and a trustee and chair of several charities and community interest companies. John is driven by his passion for social justice and long term structural economic and social change.

The TAP Board comprises

  • Tom Burgess, Chair
  • John Tizard, TAP Director
  • Matt Hawkins, Joint Founder and Director of Compassion in Politics
  • Fred Harrison
  • Krissie Nicolson

TAP is focused on two critical campaigns which were core to Rev Paul Nicolson’s campaigning

  • the advocacy for minimum income standards
  • the elimination of homelessness

Two research projects on these two issues are being generously undertaken pro-bono by the LSE Global Research and Consulting Group. A key aspect of these projects is to build the macro-economic cases for a minimum income standard and elimination of homelessness.

TAP is maintaining and enhancing its social media presence.

It is building alliances with organisations that share its values and objectives.

TAP is very much active and ready for the future!


Below is a video of Rev Paul at the Royal Courts of Justice in 2014, uploaded by TheMarathon28