TAP affordable housing campaign BLOG 4 - Prefiguring Revolution “Better together- taking back control” Stephen Hill

28 October 2016

TAP affordable housing campaign BLOG 4 - Prefiguring the Revolution - ‘Taking back control!’ and ‘better together!’ - by Stephen Hill 

In the first of Stephen Hill’s series of blogs, he drew on his Churchill Fellowship research in the USA, Canada and England to explore the roles and responsibilities of politicians and the professions, especially his own, in housing and land policy. (A shorter version of his blog will appear in the November issue of the RICS monthly journal Modus).

In his second (Blog 4), he shows how citizens have increasingly taken the initiative to plan and deliver the housing and land reform solutions that genuinely meet the needs of their communities, when public policy and the market fail to do what is needed, making visible new ways for land to be priced, owned and used in the public interest.

In Tottenham I am supporting wholeheartedly a group of residents, advised by Stephen, endeavoring to set up a Community Land Trust which will build 800 genuinely affordable homes. They have successfully crowd funded for £25,000 for the start up costs. The architects have great ideas.

I am also supporting wholeheartedly the 15,000 council tenants, and their protesting organisations, who are at risk of a regeneration which sells their homes and the council/public land to private developers and breaks up their communities.

That is public land which has been maintained by the rents of the tenants for decades. Once it has gone to developers it is all too unlikely ever to return for public use.
Broadwater Farm and Northumberland Park are two of the estates living in uncertainty about their future. We have all watched the fate of West Hendon in a BBC documentary.

A later blog and the seminar will address these issues.

Please sign up for the TAP/APPG seminar on affordable housing in Portcullis House on the 16th November from 6pm to 8pm. There is a housing crisis; we will be discussing what should be done about it immediately and in the short and long term.