WATCH “Social death - the impact of #austerity and #poverty” seminar LIVESTREAMED from 6.15pm 1st May Labour day from Houses of Parliament

27 April 2019

Social Death - the impact of austerity and poverty 

Seminar Portcullis house, Westminster, 6-8.30pm, 1 May 2019

Livestream: from 6.15 pm 1ST May.



Debbie Abrahams MP (Oldham East & Saddleworth) Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Health in All Policies


Professor Danny Dorling, Oxford University

Dr Faiza Shaheen, Centre for Labour & Social Studies (CLASS)

Dr Chris Grover, Lancaster University

Professor David Taylor-Robinson, Liverpool University

Plus speakers will be questioned by Nicola Davis, Science & Health Reporter of The Guardian

London 27thth April 2019: Taxpayers Against Poverty, the campaigning group is organising a seminar chaired by Debbie Abrahams MP on Wednesday 1st May 2019, Labour Day, 6 - 8.30pm at Portcullis House called "Social Death - the impact of austerity and poverty". The purpose of the event is to place on record the available evidence linking the recent reduction in life expectancy to austerity and poverty.  Four expert speakers will present their evidence to this oversubscribed event.  

Debbie Abrahams MP (Oldham East & Saddleworth) said "As Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Health in All Policies, I am all too well aware of the failures of governments over the past decades to undertake health impact assessments of their policies, particularly of those which result in inadequate incomes and unaffordable housing. The APPG’s inquiries are a way of highlighting the health impacts of Government policies including social security". 

Rev Paul Nicolson, Founder of Taxpayers Against Poverty said: “When chair of the Zacchaeus 2000 Trust I lobbied Parliament through the 2012 & 2016 Welfare Reform Acts for health impact assessments of the Governments policies. Amendments were tabled and rejected. If passed mandatory health impact assessments would have prevented some of the disaster "Welfare Reform" has become."

Note from Prof Danny Dorling

“Austerity and the cuts appear to not just have effected the poorest areas. Places where many people live into their eighties have also been badly effected. In March 2019 we learnt that the trend that started in 2010-2011 has worsened. The total fall in life expectancy compared to 2015 projections is 13 months for men and 14 months for women, for people aged 65 across all of the UK. The welfare state is used more in old age by people who were middle class in middle age because they tend to live longer. 

First it was the poorest, and no one in authority said anything, now it is the older and more frail members of all our families, while the poorest suffer even more. It is not hard to see what happens next if this trend is not addressed.”



"Social death - the impact of austerity and poverty"

1st May, 6-8.30 pm, Attlee Suite, Portcullis House, Westminster. 

6.00 Register.

6.15 Debbie Abrahams MP, Introduction.

6.20 Rev Paul Nicolson 

Prayer for the families of people who have died following a sanction 

6.25 Chris Grover

“Understanding austerity as structural violence and social murder” 

6.40 Questions & discussion

6.45 Faiza Shaheen

7.00 Questions & discussion

7.05 David Taylor-Robinson 

“Child health unravelling in the UK”

7.20 Questions & discussion

7.25 10 minute Break.

7.35 Danny Dorling  

"Beyond reasonable doubt - the deaths and the blame”.

7.50 Questions & discussion

7.55 Nicola Davis, Science and Health reporter, The Guardian  

A press conference interrogating the speakers

8.10 General discussion.

8.25 Debbie Abrahams MP, Conclusion.

8.30 END


From the Reverend Paul Nicolson

Taxpayers Against Poverty

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