Rev Paul’s legacy: bringing down the evils of poverty, homelessness, and inequality

28 February 2022

Dear TAP Supporter,

Our founder, the Reverend Paul Nicolson, had a plan for how to ensure TAP’s legacy and we are excited to tell you that it’s now happening.
Paul’s long-held belief was that TAP’s work would be strengthened by a partnership with our friends at Compassion in Politics.
We are delighted to tell you that our partnership and the eventual merger has now been agreed and the Compassion in Politics team will be taking forward Paul’s legacy: bringing down the evils of poverty, homelessness, and inequality.
The TAP Board has unanimously agreed to this merger which is not only the vision that Paul had wished for but also enables us to hugely increase our impact.
Whilst Taxpayers Against Poverty Limited will continue as an entity for the foreseeable future with its same objectives, bank account and its own board, its activities and campaigns will be integral to the increasingly successful Compassion in Politics.
CiP already works closely with politicians through its All-Party Group and there are more than 50 parliamentarians from six parties who support their work. The CiP team are already working on a powerful campaign to bring this influence to bear on the issues that concerned Paul most deeply.
But before they do that, the Co-Directors of Compassion in Politics would love the chance to meet you to discuss their plans and take on board any thoughts you have about ensuring Reverend Paul’s work continues.
We have arranged a virtual event for you to meet Jennifer Nadel and Matt Hawkins (who is already on the TAP Board) next month on 17th March 2022, Thursday at 7:00 p.m. The Reverend Paul’s daughter Krissie will also be there to speak to you.

Please join the Zoom meeting using this link:
If you cannot make that date then they’d be happy to arrange an alternative time to talk.
We do hope as many of you as possible can join as we take this exciting step to ensure Reverend Paul’s amazing work is continued.
Matt, Krissie and I will remain directors of TAP, and CiP will nominate some new directors to replace Fred and John who are standing down. Our thanks to Fred and John for their contribution
We hope that you will continue to support our campaigns, generously donate to enable us to undertake these campaigns (please note that current bank accounts and any direct debit arrangements will not change because of the merger).
All that remains is for us to say a huge thank you for all you have done in support of TAP - your support is everything.
Tom Burgess
Taxpayers Against Poverty