MEDIA NOTICE - LAND SEMINAR, & HOUSING CRISIS 9 am Wednesday 18th October,  Attlee Room, Portcullis House, SW1A 2JR

12 October 2017


Reverend Paul Nicolson

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LAND SEMINAR & HOUSING CRISIS, 9 am Wednesday 18th October 2017, Attlee Room, Portcullis House, SW1A 2JR       


Taxpayers Against Poverty will co-host a Land Seminar with the APPG on Poverty and the APPG on Health in all Policies. 

The seminar will be chaired by ​Debbie Abrahams MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions


Lindsay Judge, Resolution Foundation 

Fred Harrison, the Land Research Trust

Ian Kirkwood, Scottish Land Revenue Group 

Professor Michael Edwards, The Bartlett School of Planning, UCL

Anna Minton, Author "BIG CAPITAL Who is London for?" 

 "We hope to help move the UK housing debate on to discussing land which is a source of immense, unearned wealth growing at one end of the population while the number of people in poverty, homelessness and rough sleeping is growing at the other end". Said the Rev Paul Nicolson, Founder of Taxpayers Against Poverty. 

The issues that will be discussed are;
  • The failure of the Treasury to measure or publish the dead weight losses of the present system of taxation 
  • Land Value Tax is a secure progressive source of revenue.
  • A small percentage tax on the value of all land could gradually replace inefficient and regressive taxes like council tax, business rates and stamp duty.
  • ​It is paid by the landlord not the tenant. ​It relieves low income tenants of the council tax and its draconian enforcement. 
  • Exemptions can be arranged for high asset low income households.
  • It has been found to bring empty homes and unused land into use in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and other US cities. It works in Denmark, Australia and Hong Kong,
  • It would encourage the four big UK builders to release their bank of 600,000 plots of unused land.  
  • Land cannot be transferred tax free via the Internet to an overseas bank; so taxing it in the UK might even recover a little of the trillions shipped out to tax havens by the City of London
  • It enables land owners to contribute to the common good from the unearned increase in the value of their land due to the market so relieving the landless tenants and themselves of the need for high taxes on income. 

An LVT Colloquium at the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors in September 2015 concluded that. "... the technical issues often quoted as providing reasons not to switch to assessing land rather than property, namely valuation methodology and data, are capable of solution within the UK context" 

Note for Editors. Taxpayers Against Poverty (TAP) was founded by the Rev Paul Nicolson in 2012 in a letter published by The Guardian. Our objects follow article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is summed up in our strap line "No citizen without an affordable home and an adequate income in work or unemployment".  We are not a charity but a not for profit limited company to be free of any interference from the Charity Commission when campaigning for the poorest tenants and homeless people in the UK. Paul Nicolson also founded the Zacchaeus 2000 Trust (Z2K) in 1997 which works with and for the poorest debtors in London. 

TAP acts politically with and for people tangled in the benefit system but without allegiance to any political party. We recently co-hosted two seminars with the APPG on Poverty on Affordable Housing and Health Equalities. They followed ten blogs on the first and nine blogs on the second subject. We publish accurate information about UK poverty and housing on social media and lobby Parliament. We have 20,600 followers on Facebook so far.