In the interests of the health and well being of council tenants Haringey Councillors are asked to cancel HDV & stop taxing benefit incomes shredded by national government

1 December 2017

To Labour Councillors of the London Borough of Haringey

In 2013/14 the authors of the Haringey Development Vehicle had a great vision for Northumberland Park but it was not was not to improve the health and well-being of the current council tenants, whose homes will be demolished in High Road West or by the HDV.  Most of them will not be able to afford to live in Northumberland Park when the new homes are built. Their low birth-weight and low life expectancy will be moved elsewhere, often out of the borough, by the HDV. It is a vision about new buildings and open spaces which will be inhabited mostly by new people who are not now the tenants of the council.  
Councillors are asked to note that the five priorities listed below, and in the Pubic Reports Pack for the Full Council Meeting on the 4th December, are excellent but they are not about the current council tenants of Northumberland Park Ward.
Councillors are also asked to note that the circumstances of the council's tenants have changed, for the very much worse.  since the regeneration of Northumberland Park was envisaged in 2013.  
  • Nationally in 2015 there was an unprecedented drop in life expectancy and  rise in infant deaths. Northumberland Park ward is the most deprived in the borough, and among the 10% most deprived wards in the UK,  with third world levels of low birth-weight of 10%-12%. It is very likely that worsening national trends will be found in Northumberland Park. 
  • You will be aware that low incomes are stagnant while prices and rents rise and that you are enforcing council tax since April 2013, with court costs 20,000 times a year and with bailiffs' fees 11,000 tines a years. That happens against incomes which have been stopped by a benefit sanction, a zero hours contract or the universal credit. All that is creating unmanageable debts among Northumberland Park coujncil tenants and leaseholders. 
  • The undeniable evidence that low income and debt damage health cannot be emphasised too strongly.  Dr Angela Donkin of the Institute of Health Equity has responded to alarming evidence from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.
  • There is a gross injustice in the random use of compulsory purchase orders by the council against freeholders in Northumberland Park for the profit and convenience of Lend Lease/HDV
In the interests of the health and well being of the council tenants of Haringey you are asked to cancel the HDV and stop taxing benefits shredded by national government.
Regeneration and the HDV merely moves deprivation elsewhere. 
With good wishes, 
Agenda Item 14 Page 329
High Road West Regeneration Scheme – Approval to seek Secretary of State Consent to dispose of housing land 
Page 332 
Delivering this vision offers a unique opportunity to tackle the entrenched deprivation that has characterised the Northumberland Park Ward and meets the Council‟s Corporate Priorities: 
Priority 1: Enable every child and young person to have the best start in life, with high quality education- The Scheme will help ensure that children and young people have the best start in life, by providing a high quality living environment and world class community facilities, such as the new Library and Learning Centre. This will go some way in tackling the 4% (national average of 3.1%.) of 16 and 17 year olds living in the Northumberland Park Ward who are not in employment, education or training (NEET). 
Priority 2: Enable all adults to live healthy, long and fulfilling lives - The Scheme will help all residents to live healthy, long and fulfilling lives by providing, and giving easy access to a range of services by delivering a healthy neighbourhood with ample public space, such as a large new community park with play and gym equipment and food growing as well as, a new public square for public events and encouraging community cohesion. All of which will seek to address the issue of life expectancy, which is demonstrably worse in the east of the borough compared to the west of the borough: on average the difference between parts of the east and parts of the west is 7 years. It will also address the obesity amongst children and the mental health challenges which are significant, and stubborn. 
Priority 3: A clean, well maintained and safe borough where people are proud to live and work- The Scheme will deliver a clean, well maintained and safe welcoming environment for residents, businesses and visitors alike where people are proud to live and work. This will be delivered through high quality inclusive design, placemaking and responding to the needs of the area and community. It will be maintained by one inclusive, transparent estate management regime, that will be responsible for the management and maintenance of the high quality, affordable environment. The management regime will seek to train and support residents and businesses and community partners to once ready will be able to run the management and maintenance of the area, fostering long-term civic pride and community ownership. 
Priority 4: Drive growth and employment from which everyone can benefit- Critically, the Scheme will deliver economic growth which is not only essential to residents and businesses of the borough and the wider region but also the Council. The new employment and commercial space will provide significant opportunities for training, jobs and employment and will go some way to address unemployment (at 26%) in Northumberland Park, which is almost double the rate across the whole borough and three times the national average. The improved environment and the creation of Page 332 5 a new leisure destination in London will bring thousands of visitors who will contribute to the local economy and support local businesses. 
Priority 5: Create homes and communities where people choose to live and are able to thrive-The Scheme will deliver over 2500 new high quality homes, which residents will be involved in designing, in a mix of tenures ensuring that residents‟ housing choice is maximised. 2500 new homes are a significant contribution to meeting the boroughs housing demand. Meeting the housing demand will lead to more and more families being able to afford a home in the borough, either to rent or buy, alleviating the current difficulties faced by local people. It will also help to drive down levels of homelessness, so fewer households find themselves in crisis, and the relieve some of the significant pressure on the council budget through increased temporary accommodation costs. The Scheme will build on the strengths of the existing local residents and businesses to create an even stronger sustainable community where people don‟t only live, they thrive.

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