2015 unprecedented UK rise in infant and adult deaths More people than ever were admitted to hospital with malnutrition

8 May 2017


In 2015 there was an unprecedented UK rise in infant and adult deaths and more people than ever were admitted to hospital with malnutrition 

I am currently working with and for two single men. One of them has been transferred to the Universal Credit (UC)  and works for an agency. He has not had any work for two months plus one month when he got £0.01 from UK. He suffers from depression. The other is suspended between the old benefit system and the Universal Credit. He should have been transferred. He has had neither income nor work for six weeks. He suffers from heart and kidney failure.


The first should receive £317 a month after housing costs but has rent and council tax arrears hung over from a previous three month sanction. The second should receive £73.10 a week which will morph in to £73.10 x 52/12 = £317 when he moves on to UC. Both are expected to pay council tax.  


They are both being chased by Haringey Council for Council Tax. The first has been told to apply for council tax benefit on line by the council, but neither he nor I could access the council web site. The second has now had court costs and bailiffs fees added for a visit to his home to collect the tax. 


The first has been moved out of a council estate which will be demolished to make room for a posh walkway from a new White Hart Lane Station to the new Spurs stadium. The second lives in another council estate which is threatened with demolition. 


Haringey Council intends both demolitions will be undertaken by the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV) owned by the Council and  Lend Lease 50/50 an international property development  company. The council is handing £2bn of taxpayers assets to the HDV. The campaign opposing demolition is called the Two Billion Pound Gamble which please like. 


The Two Billion Pound Gamble is not only a gamble with taxpayers assets, it is also a gamble with the residents lives.  The link between low income and debt with netal and physical illness is undeniable. That cause of ill health is exacerbated by ever increasing housing costs taking more and income needed for food, water, fuel, clothes transport and other necessities; hence food banks. To the stress of inadequate incomes and unmanageable debts, Haringey Council intends to add the grief, stress and disturbance to children's education of moving house and then share the profits with Lend Lease. 


Life expectancy in the most deprived wards of Tottenham is seven years shorter than in the richer wards of Highgate and up to 20 years shorter than in the wealthy wards of Kensington and Chelsea. In 2015 there was an unprecedented UK rise in infant and adult deaths and more people than ever were admitted to hospital with malnutrition. The forecast is that the already inadequate incomes after housing costs of the poorest will fall by up to 16% by 2020 and for the already very wealthy will rise by 4%. Neither national nor local government care about these things.