Haringey Cabinet ignores plea from residents’ deputation to stop taxing social security incomes shredded by central government

15 November 2017
Rev Paul Nicolson 
0208 3765455
Last night a deputation of Haringey residents called for an end to the taxation of social security incomes by Haringey Council at a meeting of the Haringey Cabinet. Their plea was ignored by the Haringey Cabinet. Councillors gave the impression they see themselves as the victims of austerity having to make such painful decisions.  They decided to continue taxing social security incomes, shredded by central government, for another year beginning in April 2018. 
"The alternative is for Councillors to show some leadership by putting the case for their poorest constituents. If they increase  everyone's council tax by an average of 86 pence a week that will prevent the severe hardship caused by taxing social security incomes shredded by central government.  That could restore the 100% council tax benefit, which existed up to April 2013" said the Reverend Paul Nicolson.  
"Speaking to the Haringey Cabinet on behalf of the deputation Rev Paul Nicolson had said. "There is a current epidemic of institutional violence by national and local government. Your imposition of council tax against social security incomes, on top of cuts and caps to those incomes imposed by central government, is a violent act. It it damages mental and physical ill health, contributes to low birth-weight and shortens lives in the already severely deprived wards of the borough. You know very well that for weeks, sometimes months, some households have no income to pay the tax due to the benefits sanction, the zero hours contract and universal credit. You also know that the housing benefit has been cut by the overall benefit cap, by the bedroom tax and by the local housing allowance while rents increase.  You are piling council tax arrears, court costs and bailiff fees on top of the rent arrears, family and individual insolvency created by Parliament". 
These issues will be raised again on behalf of a second deputation to the Haringey Scrutiny Committee at 7pm on the 21st November.  
Concerned at the negative interventions of the Charity Commission in the campaigning of charities for the people they serve he withdrew from the Chair of Z2K to found Taxpayers Against Poverty (TAP), which is not a charity, with a letter in The Guardian in 2012.

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