Every Child In Need

23 August 2012


This is an important campaign http://www.everychildinneed.org.uk/
which also has an e-petition at http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/36432

This campaign reveals and opposes another example of central government withdrawing itself from any ethical guidance. This time it is from the local authorities by stripping out the regulations which protect children. We have seen the disaster for the poorest citizens and the economy as a whole when in the 1980s central government deregulated lending, abolished rent controls and allowed the free movement of capital in and out of the UK, leaving an ethical vacuum, or black hole, in the financial sector. It was as is if Moses went back up Mount Sinai, deregulated the ten commandments because they are "red tape", and then wondered why there was so much theft etc;

Central government should give moral guidance to the nation but it is running thousands of miles from it. This time it is children who are put at risk.