DEPRIVATION IN NORTH LONDON and in UK bad and will get worse - Haringey moving it out of the Borough

16 March 2017

DEPRIVATION IN NORTH LONDON and in UK bad and will get worse - Haringey moving it out of the Borough 

Haringey Council is planning to evict over 1000 council tenants and leasholders from ints Northumberland Park Estate with the help of an international property speculator at a time when poverty will get worse and rents higher an therefore their deprivation even greater whereever they live. 

The Supreme Court noted in Moseley  v Haringey[1] that

 "Those whom Haringey was primarily consulting (about council tax) were the most economically disadvantaged of its residents. Their income was already at a basic level and the effect of Haringey’s proposed scheme would be to reduce it even below that level and thus in all likelihood to cause real hardship, while sparing its more prosperous residents from making any contribution to the shortfall in government funding." (TAP emphasis). 

According to the 2011 census Northumberland Park[2] is the most deprived ward in Haringey; some areas are within the 5% most deprived in the UK. 

  • There is a high proportion of under 20s (Their housing benefit is stopped). & an increased need for services aimed at mothers, children  & young people.
  • A high proportion of residents are employed in low level jobs or are receiving unemployment benefits. 
  • Male life expectancy is low  compared to the Haringey average. 
  • There are high levels of deaths attributed to external causes and respiratory disease in the general population compared to Haringey. 
  • Cancer and cardiovascular disease mortality rates among the under 75s are high (19% and 35% above expected rates). 
  • There are higher proportions of people on disease registers in the north east of Haringey compared to other areas for the following conditions: heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, severe mental health, depression, chronic kidney disease and the highest proportions of smoking and obesity. 
  • The Birth rate is high in Northumberland Park and there are a high proportion of low birth weight babies. 
  • There are a limited number of GP practices actually in the ward and patients access primary care out of the ward. 
  • There is a high rate of A&E attendance.