Current tenants of #LoveLane Estate placed there by @haringeycouncil because they are homeless families in #temporaryaccommodation. Have no relevant housing rights. Can be moved off more easily

3 September 2019

An inhuman treatment of powerless tenants. 

TAP is oposing in the implementation of the project at High Road West which we so firmly believe is against the best interests of the low income residents of Tottenham. After the secure tenants were moved out, the current tenants of Love Lane Estate have been moved there by Haringey Council because they are homeless families in temporary accommodation, have no relevant housing rights and can be moved out more easily before demolition. An inhuman treatment of powerless tenants. 
Some of these 180 young families have been in temporary accommodation for up and over ten years. They have already been forced to moved several times so disrupting the education of their growing children. They are among 3000 homeless families in temporary accommodation in Haringey. Too many of them are in one room in hostels or other accommodation -  when none ought to be. 
The way the High Road West project has been designed does not commit the council to using 100% of the site for meeting part of a target of providing the 3000 much needed secure homes for the homeless.  What is proposed is the convoluted process of allowing Lend Lease to build on land which is free to the council and then sell "affordable" homes back to the council for £68,000 each. That enables Lend Lease to make the largest profit possible by selling the remaining and the majority if the homes into the very expensive London housing market. The best way to build truly affordable homes for rent is for the council keep their public land out of the market, borrow the money and hire Lend Lease to build them.  
It is a metter of public interest that we all know the terms of your out of court settlement with the council, particularly whether it involved Northumberland Park 
Another shocking aspect of the High Road West project is the intention to grab the land from under 50 small thriving businesses of the Peacock Industrial Estate. Their businesses, which are employing local people, will be severely disrupted - to create a park! 

The current national housing policy is ideologically designed to prevent the building of council homes on council land.

To do so is not socialism. It simply an intelligent way of building truly affordable housing which has been used by all political parties in power since WWII. Also the capacity of the poorest tenants to pay even the lowest rents in London has been severely undermined by the shredding of houisng benefit and other social security payments. Please see my blog on the TAP website.
Now is not the time to build social housing at council house rents. It would be better to leave it until after the next election which will have to change national housing and social security policies for the better; it is aredently hoped for the better use of UK land for the common good.  
For the time being the council ought to stop pushing powerless homeless families in temporary accommodation from pillar to post. The council can leave them where they are - even declare them all permanently housed. 
National housing and social security policies have to change  to meet the needs of low income tenants. 
Rev Paul Nicolson


Taxpayers Against Poverty

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