CSJ press release irresponsible and misleading.

20 May 2013


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CSJ press release irresponsible and misleading.

The Centre for Social Justice, has issued a press release anticipating their new report "Signed off, written off" to be published this week. It is designed to mislead the public by headlining;

"Total spending on social security in the five years of this Parliament will top £1 trillion"

see; www.centreforsocialjustice.org.uk/

Their description "welfare ghettos" continues the demonisation of benefit claimants led by their founder the Secretary of State for Employment, Iain Duncan-Smith.

It shows a total lack of respect for their poorest fellow citizens and no concern for the hunger, homelessness and debt imposed on them by the coalition since 2010.

It creates the impression that unemployed people are responsible for increasing the welfare cost, when the latest DWP figures show there are more people claiming benefits in work at 6.1 million than unemployed at 5.1 million;

It fails to say that;

  • housing benefit of £22 billion is split between employed and unemployed; it high because of the lack of an affordable housing policy from any government.
  • Unemployment benefits cost £5.2 billion due to high unemployment and the recession.
  • Pensions cost £85 billion.

see http://www.jointpublicissues.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Truth-And-Lies-Report-smaller.pdf

Note for editors.

Taxpayers Against Poverty is a growing campaign group of people who reject the mantra repeated ad nauseam by Ministers at the DWP that “It is not fair for taxpayers to be asked to pay for the cost of spare bedrooms, or housing benefit (which is high in central London because rents are high) etc, etc.” We have noted that the poorest citizens are thrust into hunger, homelessness and debt by caps and cuts in housing benefit, possible eviction, forced migration, undue stress and misery. We seek a fairer society.

The following is a report of a meeting I went to in Tottenham last week; a quick google of "food banks run out of food" will show that ths happens quite often. .


Yesterday, 16th May, I was at a meeting at an Adventure Playground and learnt that the food bank in Tottenham is in crisis.
To run efficiently they need a large central store and several distribution points. They were evicted from their large store in Laurence Road.
So now the increasing demand is falling on the Adventure Playground; they do not have the volunteers, the space to store the food, or the money to cope. People are going hungry.
The Tottenham Jobcentres are creating false hopes by issuing food vouchers which cannot supply food to callers with vouchers,
leading to distressing scenes with people weeping and hungry.
Some benefit claimants also have no electricity so cannot cook, turn on the lights or keep warm. They inevitably have utility, rent arrears and other unmanageable debts.
The impact of sanctions, bedroom tax, housing benefit cap, and £500 overall benefit cap is already creating a food desert in Tottenham.
The enforcement of council tax by Haringey Council will make it even worse.
The plan is to set up an efficient central food store in Tottenham, where the vast majority of the poorest households are to be found in the Haringey Borough.
Food banks do not end poverty, hunger, or poverty related debt, they only feed people for three days; but we are all forced to run them by the government when incomes are cut so low they cannot buy necessities or pay the rent and council tax.
Food banks cannot provide women with the healthy diet needed before and during a nine month pregnancy in order to give birth to healthy babies. .

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