Crunch moment in Haringey. Outcome will either restore local democracy or impose global tyranny

2 March 2017

To Labour Councillors of the London Borough of Haringey 

A letter published by The Guardian on the 2nd March 2017. 

Ten Labour and eight Liberal Democrat Councillors will attempt on 2 March to force a reconsideration of Haringey council’s proposed deal with Lendlease, a private international property development company.

It is a crunch moment when the global economy hits the local community. The outcome will either restore local democracy or impose global tyranny.

The council’s cabinet decided on 14 February to make Lendlease the preferred partner in a public-private development vehicle which will take over £2bn in council assets.

It is unethical, and it ought to be unlawful, for any local authority to hand council assets to any company with an office registered in the Channel Islands, and which has recently paid $56m (£45m) in the US to avoid prosecution for corruption.

Council tax payers, which includes all the unemployed residents, and up to 15,000 council tenants or leaseholders, of Haringey are struggling to restore local democracy in North London. 

Rev Paul Nicolson
Tottenham, North London