Archbishop Welby asked to re-examine concerns about personal freedom which has been abused in the field of UK taxation by hoarding land tax-free and parking income overseas tax-free

24 March 2018

Letter published by Church Times on 23rd March 2018

Archbishop’s comments on property-value tax

From the Revd Paul Nicolson and six others

Sir, — It was good to read the Archbishop of Canterbury’s view that the idea of a wealth tax on the underlying value of property needs re-examining (Comment, 9 March). His fears — that the problems of its implementation would be huge, and of the possible damage to personal freedom — also need re-examining.

On 15 September 2014, a colloquium on land value tax (LVT), hosted by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Network for Social Change, and the Coalition for Economic Justice, was held at the Westminster headquarters of the RICS.

The press release tells us that the meeting “was presented with economic analysis suggesting that a single annual tax based on land values would be capable of producing potential revenue flows of £82 billion: sufficient to replace all existing property taxes. Following rigorous debate, the meeting . . . concluded that the technical issues often quoted as providing reasons not to switch to assessing land rather than property, namely valuation methodology and data, are capable of solution within the UK context. The event examined both the evidence base from Australia, the USA and Denmark, where land taxes are already established, and the technical challenges offered by its introduction within the UK, 

Personal freedom has been abused in the field of UK taxation. It has led to the hoarding of billions of pounds of unearned, unused, and untaxed wealth in the increasing value of UK land, inevitably in short supply, and the parking of trillions of pounds of private wealth in overseas tax-free accounts. UK land cannot be exported; and its owners can help contribute to the well-being of the community, a principle advocated by the Archbishop.

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