TAP published ten blogs about causes affects & solutions to UK housing crisis. INDEX is here. 

29 September 2018

TAP affordable housing campaign


In the autumn of 2016 TAP published a series of nine blogs on affordable housing; three each were written by: 

Stephen Hill Director C2O futureplanners, MA. MRICS.,

Fred Harrison, Executive Director of the Land Research Trust 

Danny Dorling, Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography of the School of Geography and the Environment of the University of Oxford. 


BLOG 1. Stephen Hill. Affordable housing a test of surveyors willingness to act in public interest.

BLOG 2. Fred Harrison. Incentives for wealthy to speculate in UK land run riot over nations needs.

BLOG 3. Danny Dorling. Has brexit burst the British housing bubble?

BLOG 4. Stephen Hill. Prefiguring Revolution “Better together- taking back control” 

BLOG 5. Fred Harrison. The housing-tax scam: how taxpayers are milked to enrich land owners. 

BLOG 6. Danny Dorling. Provision of housing a moral issue like provision of food, fuel & water. 

BLOG 7. Stepen Hill. "THE PEOPLE’S LAND” OR THE “MOTHER OF ALL MONOPOLIES” The moral question raised by Winston Churchill in 1909.  Today's question is "who has power?"

BLOG 8. Fred Harrison. As value of land increases landowners become wealthier without working for it; so the burden of taxation falls on pay of hard working people.

BLOG 9. Danny Dorling. In 1988 housing rent controls abolished. In 2016 inequalities & poverty get bigger & bigger.

BLOG 10. Alison Gelder. An affordable housing agenda for the Churches. We have collective responsibility as society to provide all with homes that truly meet their needs