Please sign this ePetition to Haringey Council if you are among 20,000 council tax payers they took to court in 2016/17 or 11,000 they sent bailiffs or if you care about health of your neighbours

21 November 2017

Haringey Council damages mental and physical health by taxing working age benefits with council tax.

This Petition runs from 19/11/2017 to 15/01/2018. If we get 2200 signatures from local people it will be discussed by Haringey's full Council meeting on the 16th January 2018. We are hoping for 10,000 signatures or more by the 1st January 2018. 

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We the undersigned petition the council to We the undersigned asked Haringey Councillors to read and broadcast by all means available the undeniable evidence from the Institute of Health Equity that low income and debt damage mental and physical health, risk low birth weight and shorten lives; and to make plans to stop taxing working age benefits with council tax from April 2019 or sooner.

The Case

The imposition by Haringey Council of council tax against working age benefits, on top of cuts and caps imposed by central government, damages mental and physical health, risks low birth weight and shortens lives in the already severely deprived wards of the borough.

For weeks sometimes months some households have no income to pay the tax due to the benefit sanction, the zero hours contract and the universal credit. Housing benefit has been cut by the overall benefit cap by the bedroom tax and by the local housing allowance while rents increase. The council is piling council tax arrears, court costs and bailiffs fees on top of rent arrears, family and individual insolvency and the expected dire increases in the cost of living.

The Background.

The Haringey Cabinet agreed last Tuesday 14th November that for "....all working age claimants Council Tax Support to continue to be capped at 80.2% of council tax liability"  for another year from April 2018. (Page 34 of the Public Reports Pack for the 14th November Cabinet Meeting). The consequence of that is  all working aged claimants of council tax support pay 19.8% of the tax out of their other benefit income.  It was entirely within the discretion of the Cabinet to agree that the Council Tax Support is not capped at all and working aged claimants receive 100% council tax support. 

The Cabinet's decision has the effect of enabling the council to tax Universal Credit which has been rolled out in the borough. 

See also TAP website post "There are no Paradise Papers from Haringey. No tax free islands in Tottenham".

Haringey Cabinet had the power to make that 14th November 2017 decision in 2012 and not tax benefits since April 2013. 

The New Policy Institute has reported that out of 326 councils in England 37 councils are providing 100% support

Apppendix B on Page 45 of the Public Reports Pack for the 14th November Cabinet Meeting shows that 7 of those 37 are in London.  They are;  
City of London 
Hammersmith and Fulham
Kensington and Chelsea 
Kingston upon Thames 
Tower Hamlets 

A similar ePetition could be run against other councils taxing shredded working aged benefit incomes so damaging mental and physical health




from the Reverend Paul Nicolson